My outcome from this project are resin seashells combined with metallic elements attached on the body as embellishments. During the summer holidays I was really interested in the shapes, colors and especially patterns of seashells as a result of devoting my project on them. The idea was to decorate the human body with playful ways. The process of making was using real life seashells from which I made molds from and casted in with resin. Metal is the material I used, for attaching the seashells on the body. I believe I explored and experimented quite a lot with metal, in order to find ways to “hold” the seashells and attach them on the human body.  I always considered that photography is the appropriate mean of presenting your finished work as well as use it as a way of inspiration. I see my jewelries on a catwalk accompanied by a “mythical”/ theatrical concept. The reason I imagine this is because when I actually saw them on the human body, it gave me this impression of something phantasmagorical. A few pieces though, are quite simple and can be worn on everyday life. I managed to make them adjustable on almost everybody and can be worn with more than one ways. The idea of trying to figure out how to make something work, excites me and it is a challenge every time.