Aim of this project was to create souvenir-material for the Royal Pavilion Museum located in the beautiful city of Brighton. I have visited Royal Pavilion many times and I was really impressed of the architecture, the wallpapers and the designs, which is why I dedicated this project on the patterns and shapes taken within the museum (wallpapers, objects and outdoor architecture). It is a very interesting subject to get inspired from, since I "catch" myself getting inspired from patterns and forms that we come across on our everyday life. My desire was to achieve and demonstrate, the idea of how easy it is to get inspired from just one idea, one subject and one word (in this case, Royal Pavilion). As long as you have the idea and the inspiration, the imagination runs wild. ​To sum up, the final outcomes were acrylic glass (laser cut) and nickel silver jewellery as well as post cards and colour books.