I was born in July of 1995 in Athens, In 2000 we moved to Cyprus and settled. I may have built a life in this beautiful island but my heart will always belong to Athens.


As a child, I've traveled a lot. I might not remember many things from my travels, but I truly believe that, subconsciously, it is the power of seeing and interacting with other cultures that have made me the person I am today. An outgoing personality who has a love and a passion for design. 

I've always loved making jewellery since I was very young. In fact, I remember making my first neckpiece at the age of 7. It was a felted, red heart with a white button in the middle, threaded with a black leather cord. Ever since then, I wouldn't stop making jewellery and throughout my university studies in Brighton, I have also developed the passion for making bags and digital material. Most of my pieces are characterized of their theatricality and their coloufulness. I love intriguing not only myself, but the viewer as well, by creating pieces that are multi-wearable or double-sided or 'making' a statement. Or just all three combined! I see my pieces applied in theatrical performances or catwalk shows, but I always make sure to create a line which is more 'grounded' to everyday life. 

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